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2D single player trading card game: 18 different cards and 36 monsters: deck building + 3 AIs

YuGiOhJi - the Prince of the Games is an hommage to Yu-Gi-Oh! ("king of the games"). It is a very small trading card game with the feature that each card consists of two monsters. Each card can be played in at least two different ways. It is recommended for players, who never played a trading card game before, because it only consists of 18 different cards, as well as for TCG veterans, who want to play a completely new deck archetype.

* each card can be played in very different multiple ways
* recommended for beginners: only 18 different cards and 36 different monsters
* deck building: create/save/load your own custom deck
* deck building: you can also choose from 10 different standard decks
* deck building: If you don't like hand traps, let the computer play with the "no hand traps"-deck.
* mods: switch on/off several alternative game rules
* mods: choose with how many cards and life points you want to start with
* 3 computer opponents: challenge the defensive, the balanced or the aggressive computer opponent
* info windows: optional windows showing detailed information about each card including hints from the strategy guide (see Advanced strategies and hints.pdf)
* free to play: game + rulebook + strategy guide for free!

* Java (If it doesn't work, update java.)
* 4mb disk space (almost nothing)

If you are interested in the source code, you can find it on GitHub:

This game is free. However, if you liked it, you can donate any amount you want when downloading it again.

Version info:

Version 1.0 originally uploaded 18th Jul. 2019.

NEW FEATURES OF VERSION 1.1 (21st Jul. 2019):
* one optional rule added
* one minor bug fixed

Version 1.1.1 (24th Jul. 2019)

* minor bugs fixed

NEW FEATURES OF VERSION 1.2 (27th Jul. 2019)
* improved AI
* improved info window
* several bugs fixed

This is version 1.2 of the game. Possible future versions will be updated here and may have a more challenging AI. If you spot a bug, you can either report it here in the comments or on GitHub.


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YuGiOhJi.jar 3 MB
YuGiOhJi rulebook.pdf 637 kB
YuGiOhJi Advanced strategies and hints.pdf 502 kB

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